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Name:Jared Andre Beaumont
Birthdate:Jun 5
Location:New York, United States of America
Jared Andre Beaumont is the eldest son in an extremely wealthy family, due largely to the multi-million dollar business his father owned. From the time he was very young, his father tried to coach him to take over the business one day, assuming that his eldest son would step right up to the plate. But Jared had no interest in business, and from a very young age would always insist that he wanted to be a policeman. His father tried everything in his power to make Jared change his mind, but there was just no doing that. He was determined, and once Jared was determined, there was no going back. At seven years old, Jared welcomed little brother Julian to the family, and he was immediately in awe of the baby. After all that time, he'd been certain he wouldn't have any brothers or sisters, but when Julian came along, Jared swore that he'd protect his little brother and keep him safe.

As they got older, Jared and Julian remained extremely close, but were incredibly different. Jared in effect became the black sheep of the family when he absolutely refused to be coached to take over his father's company, instead enrolling in the Police Academy as soon as he could, and becoming a beat cop with the NYPD. Julian, on the other hand, was the golden child who could do no wrong in the eyes of their parents. Jared blames their parents' doting for the fact that Julian is a spoiled bitch, because he was never made to work for anything.

While Julian is a genius and a millionaire playboy, Jared is his polar opposite, loving the simple things in life, and enjoying the feeling he gets from putting in a day's work and knowing that helps to pay for the things he and his family need. His family, which very much expanded in short order when he met Annalise Morton, who moved from California and became his partner. At the very first, he was smitten, and at the very first, Annalise was not impressed. She had come to advance in her career as a police officer, not to fraternize with coworkers. But it was with a dogged determination that Jared pursued her. He was never rude, never disrespectful, never at harassment levels, but just very clear that he was interested. It wouldn't be until months later, when the two of them ended up at the same party on Long Island at the house of one of their coworkers that sparks would truly fly. They had both gone inside to get another drink, though neither of them was drunk, and somehow ended up in an argument that neither of them remembers the reason for. The only result of that argument was to stir up the UST to a breaking point, and when no one was around she shoved Jared up against the wall and kissed him before walking away, leaving him with a serious case of tunnel vision for the rest of the night. He had to have her, and she was all but ignoring him completely. But at the end of the night, when the group had all gone to bed, Annalise came to his room, apparently quite amused with herself for having driven him crazy all night. But when all was said and done, they slept together, and the rest was pretty much history. Jared would later learn that it was never him she had a problem with. She had only been trying to focus on her career, and she opened up a lot more to a relationship once she was beginning to achieve her goals.

Unfortunately, the close relationship between Julian and Jared would not stick it out quite so well. The pair had a falling out that, at its root, was truly over something stupid, and though pride won't let him admit it, Jared has always regretted losing his relationship with his brother. The loss of any real contact with his brother in his life only served to strengthen Jared's friendship with mate Lachlan Campbell, with whom he'd played music over the years, and become extremely close to. It came as a shock to the system several years ago when Jared was called to the scene of a shooting at the hospital, and the victim was Lachlan himself, having jumped in to save his beloved Tara from being shot.

Lachlan recovered, and went on to marry Tara, with Jared following right behind and marrying Annalise in a small quiet ceremony that his brother was glaringly absent from... another regret that Jared will always carry with him. A couple of years into their marriage, Julian would again be absent for one of Jared's biggest life moments when he would become father to fraternal twins, Michael and Kayla. It killed Jared to think that the kids might never meet their Uncle Julian.

All the regrets associated with the falling out with his brother very much came to a head when Jared was sent to the scene of a murder where the victim was a suspected rapist who'd been terrorizing the local gay bar scene, raping many young men, and infecting most with HIV. With Julian very loudly and proudly gay, the realization that this could just as easily have happened to his own brother hit Jared hard, and he struggled like hell with the choice between doing his duty, which eventually became providing evidence to put the murderer in prison, and the realization that, if this guy had had done the same to Julian, he might have done the very same thing.

After finishing with that case, Jared struggled a lot with whether he even wanted to be a police officer anymore. It just didn't feel right after putting the guy who was convicted of murdering his rapist in jail, and he very nearly left the force for good. It was through his wife's love and support that he was able to continue his career as a police officer.

There are very much two sides of Jared. On one hand, he is a very good police officer -- calculating, observant, smart, serious. But the Jared outside of work loves to laugh, spend time with his friends, and play guitar. He is a passionate lover to his wife and a doting daddy to his two children, and save for the break between him and his brother, Jared wouldn't have it any other way.
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